Nature Based Solutions

Nature-based solutions (NbS) are those that extract characteristics and qualities from nature and its existing ecosystems for the benefit of humanity, particularly in addressing societal challenges. They are an important component of the fight against climate change, especially in a region as vulnerable and high-risk as the Middle East and North Africa Region.
This platform brings together champions, experts, and enthusiasts of NbS in the MENA Region who are key to unlocking the multiple advantages of NbS. Through developing a community, the platform aims to shine the spotlight on ongoing NbS projects and their progress within the MENA Region, and create a network where knowledge and expertise can be easily shared and leveraged. Furthermore, the platform will act as a resource hub, where community members can access NbS focused content to guide and catalyse the prevalence of much-needed projects across the region.

Nature-Based Solutions Handbook.

The State of Nature-Based Solutions in the MENA Region.

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Facilitating Nature-Basede Solutions to Combat Climate Change.

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Nature-Based Solutions for Building Back Green.

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