Speak Up For Nature

This initiative is in Partnership with EN-WWF

As we embark on a journey during the Year of Sustainability towards COP28, this initiative provides renowned figures and champions of sustainability with a platform to donate a portion of their speaking fees towards projects that aim to preserve the UAE's biodiversity and promote sustainability across the wider community, under the management of Emirate Nature-WWF.
Similarly, this initiative is open to venues and events that wish to create a more meaningful impact with their perks and giveaways, providing attendees with a certificate to indicate their contributions towards environmental and social sustainability.
The initiative will mobilise these generous donations towards 4 key projects that protect coastal and marine ecosystems, as well as unlock mass civil society engagement in the UAE including:

Marine life conservation - particularly sea turtle protection

Mangrove forest conservation

Sponsoring the engagement of civil society through Emirates Nature-WWF's Leaders of Change programme

Reforestation of Shua'a Trees

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