Mohammed Bassel Al Madani

Syria - Green Skills - Nature-based Solutions

Mohammed Bassel Al-Madani is a civil and environmental engineer, Founder and CEO of Entrepioneers 2030, Forbes 30 under 30 lister, CEE fellow in the USA, One Young World Ambassador, Arab Youth Center Alumni, Sharjah Government Communication Awardee, AUD speaker, and U.N. SDG Action Awardee. Mohammed Bassel is a highly driven person determined to create a lasting, positive impact on the world, very passionate about supporting promising U.N. SDGs projects and start-ups that create opportunities for Syrian and Arab young people and build strong, healthy, and entrepreneurial communities.

Mohammed Bassel is the Founder and CEO of the 'Entrepioneers 2030' platform, EntrePioneers 2030 is making a difference by inspiring and mobilizing youth affected by poverty, lack of opportunity and displacement, to channel their ambitions through creating a positive impact on the Syrian community, creating a network of SDG change-makers, and reducing inequality and knowledge gaps, while setting a great example that can be scaled and replicated in any region.

Mohammed Bassel has volunteered and collaborated with many United Nations agencies in the field of youth programs, sustainable development, and social entrepreneurship such as UNV, UNDP, UNFPA, UN RC, UN-Habitat IUCN, and UNSDSN – Youth. he organized many international events for TEDx, Google, and MIT in Damascus, Syria. He has over eight years of experience in empowering communities, in 2018 MBC Al-Amal the CSR of the MBC group chose him as an ambassador for Youth and SDGs in Syria. He led his team Entrepioneers 2030 to win and participate in the most important SDGs competitions and hackathons at national, regional, and international levels. also, he is a young consultant member of the strategic plans of (UNDP). recently. He was selected as a youth leader in education for Sustainable Development (ESD) by UNESCO, and his project (Entrepioneers 2030) was featured on Forbes, Sky News, and U.N. news.

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