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Preparing for the Green Jobs Boom: A New Skill Agenda for the Middle East and Africa

The next decade is set to experience a significant rise in green jobs, aligning with global trends towards sustainable development. This expansion in sustainability-related professions will generate a wealth of new opportunities, particularly in emerging markets. However, this transition requires an evolution in skills. The Middle East and Africa, being regions with vast untapped potential, need to proactively prepare to leverage this new jobs agenda.

To seize the opportunities offered by the green jobs boom, workforce development strategies must prioritize sustainability skills. These include technical skills specific to green jobs, such as renewable energy management, waste reduction, and sustainable agriculture, but also transferable skills like problem-solving, systems thinking, and adaptability, which are crucial in a rapidly changing green economy.

To cultivate these skills, education and training programs need to be redesigned with a focus on sustainability. This includes integrating sustainability concepts into school curriculums, offering vocational training in green technologies, and providing lifelong learning opportunities for workers transitioning into green jobs.

Green Talent Forum

The first and largest virtual Green Talent Forum will take place in September 26 2023. The Event will attract more than 10,000 attendees with STEM and business background from across the region.

For youth this is an opportunity to learn how to engage in the rising green economy. For firms, this is a unique opportunity to build the green talent pipeline for any company while investing in the enablers of a greener economy.

This one day interactive program will include informative sessions by international experts from world renowned companies. Sessions will discuss and prepare students and employees for a competitive edge in the world of sustainability and Green Skills.

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Report: The Middle East and Africa Green Jobs Agenda

This report explores the emerging landscape of green jobs in the Middle East and Africa, delving into the critical intersections between sustainable development, economic growth, and environmental conservation. As countries in the region seek to transition towards more environmentally friendly and low-carbon economies, the demand for green jobs has witnessed significant growth.

The study examines the diverse sectors and industries that are driving this green transformation, including renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, waste management, and eco-tourism. By analyzing the challenges and opportunities associated with this shift, the report highlights the potential for promoting inclusive growth, addressing unemployment, and mitigating climate change impacts.

Additionally, it assesses the role of governmental policies, private sector investments, and international collaborations in fostering a robust and sustainable green job market in the Middle East and Africa. Ultimately, the report aims to provide policymakers, businesses, and stakeholders with valuable insights to harness the full potential of green jobs in advancing socio-economic development while safeguarding the region's environmental heritage.

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