Climate Tech

Lebanon - Circular Economy / Climate Tech / Green Skills

Painful experiences and challenges come to us all but it is through these opportunities that we build character and we grow...This is how my startup Diwama came to life to advance a greater cause.

Egypt - Climate Tech / Green Skills

"Building a dignified and prosperous future for the MENA region starts by investing boldly in the untapped potential of the youth in the region and accelerating regional integration efforts to counteract the challenges caused by economic and environmental factors, taking into account the long-term challenges of climate change."

Tunisia - Climate Tech / Green Skills

Egypt - Climate Tech / Green Skills / Net Zero

“With two consecutive COPs taking place in the MENA region, Egypt and the UAE have the opportunity to showcase how the COP-moment can accelerate climate action and create a regional roadmap for clean energy transition. The MENA region has never been in a better position to shape the future of climate action and build a pathway for a just energy transition.”

Saudi Arabia - Climate Tech

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