Circular Economy

Palestine - Circular Economy / Green Skills

I am thrilled and honored by this recognition. I am particularly pleased to have been recognized alongside outstanding, passionate, and aspiring sustainability professionals who are working tirelessly to build a better future for future generations. Now more than ever our region needs us to tackle the global climate crisis and accelerate a transition to a low-carbon and circular economy. Initiatives such as Posterity20 will build bridges and cultivate our powers to make a real impact.

Lebanon - Circular Economy / Climate Tech / Green Skills

Painful experiences and challenges come to us all but it is through these opportunities that we build character and we grow...This is how my startup Diwama came to life to advance a greater cause.

Jordan - Circular Economy / Green Skills

It is important to be reminded of the invisible interwoven web that ties all of humanity together. How we nourish each other and the earth that we share, is ultimately how we care for ourselves. 

Egypt - Circular Economy

Those 100M+ Egyptians deserve a sustainable future, so we're building the Future of Green for them.

Bahrain - Circular Economy

Fashion contributes to global pollution across its value chain. In designing fashion using more sustainable methods, waste is reduced, off-cuts are re-used, and sourcing is done using only low-impact materials. For each society, this may look different. For example, some communities import more fashion than they make. But ultimately, the industry as a whole must change across its value chain, including the way we care for and connect with our clothes as we wear them, and protecting the labourers that make our garments.

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