The EU: Using Airborne Technology to Detect Water Leakage in Underground Pipes

As global warming heavily impacts water sources globally, it is important to address any wastage
owing to faulty water infrastructure and facilities. In some countries in Europe, a large quantity
of water is lost owing to leakages in underground pipes. It is difficult to monitor the water
transmission mains in rural localities, as traditional field surveys are costly both in terms of time
and money. In order to increase efficiency in infrastructure monitoring, and in turn eliminate
water wastage, European researchers are looking towards innovative approaches that can help
water companies locate leakages in their systems.

One such approach has recently been developed under the European Union (EU) project, WADI,
coordinated by This innovation uses drones to detect water leakages in
infrastructure. The drones are equipped with multispectral and infrared cameras and can cover
wide areas, as well as sites that are too difficult to access. Data from these drones is analysed
using an approach called the Triangle method.


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