Climate change is one of the greatest modern threats to human development as it impacts virtually every aspect of living. Caused by a continuous increase in greenhouse gas emissions, climate change has exacerbated the severity of issues such as food and water security and mass migration.
Recognising these risks, governments around the world have developed goals and strategies to reach a state of net-zero emissions, in order to shift the planet’s trajectory towards the climate crisis. Government employees, including those who are not involved in climate policy, play a critical role in catalysing and strengthening these goals, and their inclusion and awareness on the matter will facilitate the transition towards sustainability and net-zero.

This specially curated virtual course, available in Arabic, aims to build climate literacy amongst government employees, and create an understanding on the fundamentals of net-zero and the sectoral pathways to achieve it, the role of public sector tools in realising goals in sustainability and net-zero, global initiatives and treaties that call for it, and the importance of partnerships and collaborations to tackle climate change.
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