As the world races towards a future of sustainable development, global economies, governments, and lifestyles will have to adapt and adopt new green models that will allow them to continue to grow, develop, operate, and thrive. Our modern-day understanding of energy, agriculture and food security, consumption, and labour will also have to adjust accordingly. Sustainability will no longer be addressed as an obscure concept for an anticipated unrealistic “utopia” but will be embedded into virtually every segment and aspect of life – such that it will become a global uniting ‘language’ and way of living. Topics such as renewable energy, green skills, sustainable finance, and conscious consumers will become the norm as the global sustainable transition becomes a reality. To support in leading this transformation, and preparing the posterity in ensuring that they are able to take charge of a sustainable future, the Learning Sustainability Open University was created.

The University brings champions of sustainability in the public and private sectors, and a diverse group of experts from around the world on several topics of sustainability to provide learners with the necessary knowledge, tools, skills, and resources they will need to catalyse a movement. Ensuring that the University will provide all learners across every segment of the economy with a newfound fluency in sustainability, curated courses will be designed and taught in fields such as finance, engineering, business management, consumer goods, information technology, political science, and many more. Stay tuned to learn more about the Learning Sustainability Open University.

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