Building off principles in the Green Government Book, the ‘Leading Sustainability in the Public Sector’ executive education companion course provides readers with a more in-depth learning journey on tangible focus areas that catalyse the transformation of regional governments towards a greener, more sustainability-oriented future. This companion course will also encourage government officials take further action and implement the concepts and recommendations provided in the book. The Leading Sustainability in the Public Sector course will be composed of various module correlating to different chapters in the book. Each module will address key concepts discussed in the book while taking further investigating real, concrete examples and case studies that may be replicated and adopted in the region. The course will also support in developing a sound and evidence-based roadmap that government officials could leverage to guide them in driving a sustainable future for their governments and its sectors in the public sector. Some of the main themes and topics that will be explored in the course include:  
  • Green procurement and sustainable supply chains
  • Green skills and the green economy
  • Sustainable finance
  • Energy, infrastructure, and transportation
  • Sustainable policy
The course will be taught be leading sustainability experts and champions from the region who have directly contributed to successful governmental and public sector transformations in Arab and international governments. Furthermore, the course will include several activities and discussions to promote green government discourse amongst learners.   Stay tuned to learn more about the Green Government – Leading Sustainability in the Public Sector Executive Education Course.

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