There is no doubt that sustainability has taken the world by storm. While there is a large accessible pool of information and resources pertaining to sustainability, there is no singular source to support the transition of governments from conventional “business-as-usual” models to future-proof green models and support them with aligning their performance to the sustainability movement. Thus, to streamline the public sector’s process of adopting a new green transformation, the Green Government Book was developed.

The Green Government Book provides governments with the ‘A to Z’ in sustainability. Acting as a comprehensive targeted guide, the book will educate various segments of a government on several topics in sustainability such as:

• Greening budgets and finances

• Creating opportunities for a sustainability-aware public workforce

• The green procurement process and embedding sustainability in the supply and value chain

• Preparing for the energy transition on both a distribution (consumption), industrial, and transportation scale

• Green buildings, retrofitting programmes, and monitoring tools

• Policy frameworks and the required policy landscape to commit to sustainability

The book will include tools and resources, as well as case studies from existing leading governments in sustainability to ensure a complete journey for public sector officials seeking to transform their governments. Furthermore, the book will include recommendations from global and regional experts in sustainability to can provide insights on the various approaches governments can take to complete their transition.

Stay tuned to learn more about the Green Government Book.

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