Net Zero

UAE - Green Skills / Net Zero

A rising tie lift all boats.

Jawaher AlBlooshi is a Senior reactor operator at Nawah Energy company. Jawaher is currently working on starting up unit 3 at Barakah Nuclear power plant to support the UAE’s supply of clean, carbon-free energy. Jawaher graduated as a mechanical engineer with a minor in nuclear science. She believes and works toward achieving net-zero carbon emissions

Egypt - Climate Tech / Green Skills / Net Zero

“With two consecutive COPs taking place in the MENA region, Egypt and the UAE have the opportunity to showcase how the COP-moment can accelerate climate action and create a regional roadmap for clean energy transition. The MENA region has never been in a better position to shape the future of climate action and build a pathway for a just energy transition.”

Mahmoud Abouelnaga is a Solutions Fellow at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) in Washington, DC. His work includes research and analysis of energy technologies as well as energy and environmental policies. His work also engages business representatives on clean energy and industrial strategy. He writes and communicates information on the overarching topic

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