Mostafa Elnaby

Egypt - Green Skills

Mostafa Elnaby is a social entrepreneur interested in start-ups of sustainability, innovation and community development. He is the founder & CEO of Baramoda, one of the most sustainable startups in the Middle East" (Forbes Middle East). His passion was the fuel to transform Baramoda from an idea into a working Agri-tech startup that focuses on the sustainable agricultural innovations and maximizes the efficiency of agri-waste.
Baramoda LLC was founded in November 2016 in Cairo. It seeks to contribute to UN sustainable development goals of having better life on land, zero hunger, and sustainable consumption and production, through providing innovative solutions to agricultural challenges.
In just 4 years, Baramoda has created a major environmental and social impact on the agricultural community by:

Creating over 28 job opportunities for Upper Egypt’s youth
Reducing the farming cost for small farmers
Recycling over 150,000 tons of waste
Reducing 42000 kg of CO2 emissions
Saving 1.6 million Liters of water
Supporting the organic cultivation of 4200 hectares in Egypt.

Mostafa believes in innovative projects that work social influence with a sustainable business model. And considers the balance of people, planet, and profit as the critical equation in the implementation of those kinds of projects. He believes in projects that solve agricultural problems as they’re the Appleseed of life.

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