Alaa Kamal Afifi

Egypt - Circular Economy

Those 100M+ Egyptians deserve a sustainable future, so we're building the Future of Green for them.

Alaa Kamal Afifi is an Egyptian young software engineer. He founded Bekia, in Egypt in 2017. Bekia is an online platform to exchange separated inorganic waste— such as cans, plastics, food, oil, and metal—for cash through a smart wallet or with goods and services. Since its inception in 2017, the startup has raised $200,000 in funding. It currently employs 14 people. The company is a graduate of Cairo accelerator Flat6Labs. In 2020, the company partnered with Cairo-based e-commerce platform Homzmart to exchange waste with new furniture from the platform.

Prior to Bekia, Alaa has acquired over 6 years of experience in the startup field as he was a project manager for HerZone and country manager for Jeeran.

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